Library/Dining Room

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One of the best things to do at the beach, especially if you have a rainy day that keeps you inside, is to read a good book. We hope to build a decent collection of interesting, informative books, and fun beach reads.

There should be plenty of room for everyone to join in a meal. Inside there are two tables that seat 11 total, while the outside table seats 10.

A previous owner did a beautiful job adding this rustic addition to the house. The cathedral ceilings give this room an expansive feeling while highlighting the real-life features of the barn walls. (Please do not try opening the screen on this door in the library. We do not intend it to be a passageway.)

We enjoy the fresh air and breezes that we can experience most of the year in Chincoteague. Between the three doors in this room, the front windows, and the ceiling fan, the house can remain comfortable much of the year without using the HVAC.

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